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Your Virtual Military Flying Career Awaits

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What does USAFv have to offer you.

We are an organized group of individuals with the idea to create a simulated organization based on the real-world United States Armed Forces. We create an atmosphere the provides a good mixture between realism and fun. If you think you have what it takes to join our team, feel free to apply to our organization. We look forward to flying with you soon

Exceptional Training

We offer one of the most comprehensive training curriculums out there written by retired military personnel.

Custom Designed Missions & Events

Our missions and events are designed with the latest technology to give you the best simulation possible.

Wide Ranging Fleet

You can choose aircraft from any branch USAFv has active. You aren't limited to just one airframe or one branch when selecting you aircraft.

Dedicated Staff

Our staff has 20+ years experience in the military operations side of Vatsim. We strive to give you the most realistic experience possible in flight simulation.

Friendly Atmosphere

If you're looking for realistic, yet laid back organization you have found the right place. We like to have fun and enjoy the military side of flying without the normal military strict structure.

USAFv Branches.

We are currently recruiting for the following branches: Air Force, Navy, Coast Guard, & USSOCOM. We are a multi-platform organization offering the best currently available.